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About US

Our company is small-sized company acting in the international markets mainly in Europe Union. We are expirienced metal parts producing company from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our location, experienced workers and project business approach management allow us to offer customer-specific hydraulic system solutions. We have 15 years of experience in hydraulic cylinders production and various hydraulic components. We have wide portfolio and currently producing hydraulic cylinders for several companies in Europe Union. Our goal is to expand even more and gain new partners and markets when possible. We are investing in new machines, products and people in order to expand our porfolio and produce range. We are also open and interested for new products and projects in production of metal components. The interplay of experience, combination use of standard and state of-the-art technologies and the application of hydraulic components to customer specific modules and systems is the basis for fulfilling customer requirements on every project. We are able to define technical specifications of dimensions, functionality , cyclicality, fluid requirement and type of application as support for new projects using new available tools. For the application we are considering hydraulic fluids, speed, frequency and operating temperature granting high standards of quality, reliability and enduring product performance. We provide a preliminary assembly design which includes a detailed list of components and seals. After approval of the preliminary assembly design, from customer side, we start with proceding to final design which includes all the constructive designs and detailed list of components and seals. All projects are supported with all data and specifications, components, product quantity, delivery date, CNC programs, assembly and construction drawings. Our main focuses in business are to keep high quality of our skilled workers, products, prompt deliveries of goods and services.

Sealing elements

There are several types of seals and cylinders available. They differ in shape and material, based on the way of installation, the temperature range of operation and the pressure in which the hydraulic cylinder operates. Hydraulic gaskets are important for reducing fluid loss in hydraulic works, and therefore greatly affect the efficiency of hydraulic devices. Hydraulic team offers all kinds of sealing elements and we are leading in Bosnia for quality.

Hydraulic cylinders

The hydraulic cylinder is an integral part of the hydraulics that perform the main function. It is a hydraulic consumer that converts the energy of hydraulic media into useful work. Its input size is a hydraulic pressurized fluid that acts on the surface of the piston of the hydraulic cylinder. This causes straight-line movement of the piston, and as a consequence, a piston associated with the load. Thus, the energy of the hydraulic medium turns into a conductive force that acts in a straight line. The hydraulic medium is mainly mineral oil; Synthetic oils and emulsions are used in hydraulics, and more and more water (water hydraulics).

Cold drawn pipes

Cold drawn pipes for making cylinders from materials ST - 52.3, BK + S, DIN 2391. The internal treatment tolerance is H8. In the sales program there are pipes of internal diameter from Ø 30 mm to Ø 300 mm. The pipes are protected with special anti-rust oil. The pipes should be kept at a constant room temperature so that they do not exhibit high temperature differences. This prevents the collection of condensate. The proper storage is also taken care of, so the pipes are laid horizontally. This prevents bending of the pipe. All pipes in our sales program have certificates. The tubes can be cut to the desired dimensions or processed according to your wishes.

Chrome rods / pistons

We offer various chromed pistons / rods for the production of hydraulic / pneumatic cylinders and guides. They are available in dimensions from Ø 18 mm to Ø 100 mm. They are also offered in various materials, such as: CK-45, 42Crmo4, 20Mnv6, INOX, Nikram, tempered and double chrome plated. The outer piston processing is in tolerance f7. The thickness of the chrome application is from 10 to 25 m (depending on the diameter of the piston rod).


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